Our Program for Multiple Sclerosis

We are exploring ways in which our PCA platform may be beneficial in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). Our program focuses on activating progenitor cells in the central nervous system to repair the myelin sheath that protects nerves and may have the potential to reverse damage done by the disease.

The FDA has approved several disease-modifying therapies for MS that limit new disease activity. However, none of these products repair the central nervous system or lead to remyelination of the nerve fibers and there is no cure for MS.

We have initiated a discovery program in MS after identifying it as a disease that potentially may be treated with small molecules that activate progenitor cells in the central nervous system. In 2017 we initiated a relationship with Scripps, where researchers had discovered agents that can activate oligodendrocyte progenitor cells – the cells responsible for making myelin.

We believe that stimulating progenitor cells in the central nervous system to grow oligodendrocytes could potentially reverse the damage caused by MS. We are working to identify a product candidate for the treatment of MS.