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Information about Hearing Loss

About Hearing Loss

About Hearing Loss

Fundamentally changing how noise-induced hearing loss is understood and treated

We believe that information is both empowering and vital to tackling difficult challenges. Below, Frequency has gathered a number of resources that discuss how human hearing has evolved over time, what noise-induced hearing loss is, where you can get more information about noise-induced hearing loss and what Frequency is doing to address this underrecognized health issue.

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The Evolution of Human Hearing

How did human hearing evolve and why does loud music causes hearing loss?

Are you curious about how human hearing evolved into the complex sensory system it is today? Or have you wondered why loud music harms your hearing over time? The following videos created by DNews seek to answer these questions and provide information on how human hearing is impacted from all directions.

How did human hearing evolve?

Source: Seeker.com
Stem Cell Therapy Could Reverse Hearing Loss - Feb. 2017

Hearing loss is way more common than you think

Source: Seeker.com
Hearing Loss Is WAY More Common Than You Think - Mar. 2015


Why does loud music cause hearing loss?

Source: Seeker.com
Why Does Loud Music Cause Hearing Loss? - Aug. 2014


Additional Sources About Hearing Loss

The National Institute of Health reports that about 15 percent of Americans aged 20 to 69 have high frequency hearing loss related to occupational or leisure activities. This type of hearing loss is unique in that it is not tied into your age, but rather to your everyday life and activities. The following are some additional resources of other groups working to serve the needs of people with hearing loss.




News About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Recent news around the country about noise-induced hearing loss.

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