Our Approach

Progenitor Cell Activation

Progenitor Cell Activation

Broad therapeutic potential

A progenitor cell can differentiate into defined types of cells. The difference is that a progenitor cell is already more mature than the typical stem cell, and is only pushed to differentiate into its designated "target" cell type depending on where in the body it is located. Most progenitor cells only divide spontaneously under special conditions or during certain stages in human development, such as during fetal development.

Scientists have tried for decades to push targeted cells to regenerate to no avail. The founders of Frequency, alongside Robert Langer, Sc.D., and Jeff Karp, Ph.D., devoted the work in their labs to uncovering pathways already existent in nature and applying their findings to the human body to drive cellular regeneration and healing. It is within these progenitor cells that we found a pathway to transiently reactivate and regenerate cells later in the human life cycle.

Unlike some approaches which result in forced conversion of Lgr5+ cells into the desired cell type, Frequency’s precise and controlled approach “activates stemness,” causing Lgr5+ progenitor cells to divide and differentiate, much like what is seen in naturally regenerating tissues such as the skin and intestine. We call this proprietary approach our Progenitor Cell Activation (PCA™) platform.

We believe that PCA has the potential to yield a whole new category of disease-modifying therapeutics for a wide range of degenerative conditions. Frequency’s initial focus is on chronic hearing loss. Other potential applications include skin disorders, muscle regeneration and gastrointestinal diseases.

Progenitor Cell Activation (PCA™)


PCA™ is a whole new category of therapeutics

  • Disease modifying therapy for a wide range of degenerative conditions
  • Local drug delivery safely creates new cells in desired architecture
Frequency's proprietary drug discovery tool using primary human cells

  • Unlimited progenitor supply can be made in vitro
  • Eliminates barrier to cochlear drug discovery and other applications
Tailored to >10 targets throughout the body

  • Hearing loss is first target application
  • Develop additional therapeutics internally
  • Out-license non-core areas

To fuel our drug discovery program, Frequency is leveraging a proprietary PCA screening platform using primary human cells, including cochlear progenitor cells and adult human progenitor cells from the GI tract. We can generate an unlimited supply of progenitor cells in vitro, tailored to screen for over 10 different targets throughout the body. Our strategy is to use this powerful platform to fill our proprietary development pipeline for chronic hearing loss.