Board of Directors

Marc A. Cohen

Chairman, In Memoriam

Marc A. Cohen was Chairman of Frequency Therapeutics’ Board of Directors. He passed away in June 2022. Marc believed in promising science that had the potential to help patients, and a special talent for seeing the potential in revolutionary ideas before others. Frequency Therapeutics benefitted greatly from his leadership.

Marc’s career began as an electrical engineer, working on numerous government projects. Together with his brother, Alain, he launched OPNET Technologies, a technology company in the network and application performance space. Marc served as the company’s Chairman and CEO and took the company public in 2000. It was sold in 2012. This success allowed him to pursue his true calling: bringing new solutions to patients through innovation in biotechnology – regardless of the disease arena. As an entrepreneur, Marc took a spirited approach to understanding how things could be done differently, challenging those around him to consider new approaches to advancing science, and working with research teams to apply learnings from across disciplines to find meaningful solutions. His engaging approach and kinetic energy were fundamental in shaping an array of enterprises.

The numerous biotechnology companies he led over the course of his career are a testament to his passion for using his gifts to help advance breakthrough science to treatments for patients. In addition to serving since 2016 as Frequency’s chairman, Marc also co-founded and was CEO of C4 Therapeutics, NextRNA Therapeutics, where he also served as CEO and Executive Chairman, and AI Proteins. He advanced therapeutic discoveries through his leadership at Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Mana Therapeutics, OncoPep and Dynamic Cell Therapies. Marc was also a long-time supporter of Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where he co-founded the Dana Farber Innovations Research Fund. He also served as Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bublup, Inc., and co-CEO of Cobro Ventures, Inc.